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Toilet Training

This advice comes from various parents. Attempts have been made to adequately cite references. I apologize for any mistakes or omissions.

I had the same situation with my daughter although she was younger (around 4). She sat fine on the toilet for urination but would actually request a pull-up for BMs. One day she asked for a pull- up -- I got one and cut a hole in the back, strategically-placed. I helped her put it on so she wouldn't see the hole. I insisted that if she wanted the pull-up, she had to sit on the toilet. Initially she balked and I started to take off the pull-up. She finally conceded and sat on the toilet with the pull-up on. A few seconds later, she heard her BM in the toilet and looked down puzzled. Of course we praised her to the nth degree. She never realized that there was a hole in the pull-up. We did it one more time and then she no longer needed the pull-up. We were fortunate that it happened that quickly. For some children, you may need to slowly increase the size of the hole/decrease the size of the pull- up until it's non-existant. Is there an issue with sitting on the toilet? Does he urinate standing up? You may first need to condition just sitting on the toilet before addressing having BMs on the toilet. Diane