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Mr Potato Head Toys

By Playskool

These items can be found at various toy stores.

  1. Mr and Mrs. Potato Head

    Level: Early to Intermediate

    Description: These classic toys are fantastic for developing body part awareness, teaching requesting, teaching labeling body parts and imagination and pretend play. Look for the classic plastic toys or the big soft velcro plush version. Also possible to teach "same" and "different" if you have more than one toy.

  2. Mr. Potato Head Pals

    Level: Intermediate

    Description: Four mini plastic potato toys with four sets of body parts are the foundation of this game version of Mr Potato Head. Four cards illustrate four possible potato pal templates, and a spinner is included (land on a mouth, arms, shoes, hat, etc. Two game ideas are included. Spin the spinner, grab a body part and make a novel potato pal, or create the pal to match your card. A nice, simple non-reading game with body part, matching and turn taking possibilities. As an added perk, these little potato toys are perfect to represent Mr. and Mrs. Potato head's children for pretend playing.