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Picture Card Sets

What to do if you can't afford a picture card set: First, don't panic or despair. Get a basic children's vocabulary list from any number of "First 100 words" children's books and choose which ones you think are most immediately relevant to your child. E.g. We skip most of the garden tool section--come now, what pre-kindergartener must know what a "hoe" is? But if you were wanting to teach "hoe," send them out in the garden to request "hoe," play with "hoe," sing a silly song about "hoe" (now don't get naughty!), jump over the hoe, make jokes like "Hoe no!" They'll have it soon enough if you can make that hoe a really cool and exciting thing that creates a fun memory for them. So picture cards are really convenient, but we don't HAVE to have them to teach. If you don't use picture cards, consider using a data tracking sheet to track your labels acquired (see the Data Sheets section of Curriculum Management).