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About Autism Teaching Tools™

I created Autism Teaching Tools™ in March of 2002 as a resource to help parents and professionals find specific tools and teaching tips for working with learners with autistic spectrum disorders. As a parent of two ASD children, I know the overwhelming urgency and desperation with which we search for answers to help our children. I also know of the nature of programs and therapists to use an all-or-nothing type approach--becoming expert in one philosophy or technique, without using others. Through ignorance or misunderstanding, too many people are unwilling or unable to add elements of other therapy styles to their interventions.

As a parent of two spectrum kids, I appreciate how our learners can be so similar, and yet so different. Some techniques work well with one child, and not another. What your learner deserves is the BEST of the BEST--individually tailored to him or her. This website is designed to help you do just that.

The goal of this site is to give you the tools you need to design and achieve specific curriculum goals tailored to a specific child. It is not a ponderous book or discussion of teaching principles ad nauseum. It is a collection of basic information that parents tell me they find useful as teaching tools. Like our educational programs, our information on this site is always changing. We welcome any suggestions for improving site design and access, including materials and topics you'd like to see addressed in the site.

Lastly, this site is about hope, progress, commitment and achievement. The single best prognosticator for a child successfully coping with autism is indomitable parents. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your learners of all ages.

Juliet Burk

Founder, Autism Teaching Tools™