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Other Recommended Videos for Autism

Here are some videos that our children really learned from. These are not available on TV, and so are not listed in the TV Shows and Movies section. In addition to these specific videos, we happened on a series of English as a Second Language videos developed and created in Japan, that REALLY helped the boys learn language concepts faster. They watched them OVER and OVER, enchanted. Unfortunately, the manufacturer created them for special courses in Japan, and would not respond to my requests to make them commercially available in the US to help our kids. If anyone has access to MUZZY or other ESL tapes made by other companies, and has found them helpful, please email us and let us know. It would be nice to recommend a series that one could actually BUY! Note, the pediatric medical community does not promote infants watching television and neither do we. Please use restraint in using television tools in children younger than 15-18 months of age.