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The Early Learner at Home

The Early Learner at Home 2007 Revised Edition is an intimate look at the curriculum of an early learner with autistic spectrum disorder. The 2007 edition includes a fully navigable DVD menu allowing you to jump right to the teaching procedure you wish to view. The teaching procedures used in the DVD are depicted with detailed explanations via new, updated computer generated diagrams, subtitles and voiceover. Menu selection includes the following: requesting via picture exchange and speech, non-verbal social interaction, introduction to labeling, teaching prepositions and actions, generalization, teaching via activities, requesting help, all done, waiting, sensory integration techniques including a full brushing/joint compression treatment, massage, labeling emotions, addressing problem behaviors, white boards for curriculum maintenance, beginning data collection, goal setting, gaining attention and maintaining motivation. There is a brief section on prompt independence. The DVD culminates with an update on Ethan's progress.

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The movie shows how we choose goals or make programming decisions and why. It is a good example of a child-first programming paradigm. We throw in tips we've stolen from just about everywhere.

Some independent comments about Ethan's program and the movie: