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Contact Us

If you have any suggestions for our website, please email info@autismteachingtools.com. Please send mail to Autism Teaching Tools, 1 Plaza South PMB 140, Tahlequah, OK 74464.

We welcome any great teaching ideas or links, as well as book, movie, song, game, or software titles that you find particularly successful with your children. Please be specific as to which target skill or concept you feel the product or activity targeted.

Please contact us with links that may be outdated or if you find inaccurate or unclear information anywhere in the website. Suggestions for change are always welcome if they are kept professional and impersonal.

Please note that this site is designed to support parents and professionals pursuing education curriculum. We purposefully limit our scope to non-biomedical interventions. While we believe such interventions have an appropriate place in many children's overall treatment plans, we don't have the expertise to adequately address such issues, and wouldn't have room to address each issue on this site. For more information on biomedical treatments and autism, please visit Autism Research Institute or Jacob's Bridge Through Autism.